Marigold seed paper A4 5 sheets 200gsm

Marigold seed paper A4 5 sheets 200gsm

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Beautiful A4 sheets of off-white paper embeded with marigold seeds.


Perfect for stationery, crafts, card-making, printing.


Easy to print on using reard-fed ink-jet printer. (NOT laser printers) I use a canon ip8750 & ix6850.


Paper is made from 100% post consumer waste which makes it off white in colour.

Price is per 5 sheets

Weight: 200 GSM (approx)

Size: A4 (297*210 mm)


To grow the paper just tear it up place in a pot with compost, water well and make sure the paper is kept moist at all times. Do not let it dry out as this will reduce the chance of growth. Keep the pot somewhere light and warm. Once the seeds start are large enough, you can even transfer them to your garden.


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